Concentration change manifold

Reliable presentation of odor gradients


Air-breathing vertebrates discretize the input to OSNs into intermittent inhalations. To rapidly change odor concentration, on the sniff to sniff basis we developed odor concentration change manifold (Parabucki 2019). Ideal solution for studying olfactory system response (both behavioral and electrophysiological) to dynamic input.


  • Rapid change between odor concentration based on air dilution principle.
  • Combination of 4 dilution lines allows the presentation of multiple different concentration steps.
  • Change in concentration can be controlled by via any 12/24V breakout board.
  • For odor delivery specification please check Parabucki et al. 2019

Technical Parameters

  • Impedance matching using manual adjustment of Beswick valves.
  • Dynamic range ~5 times.
  • To control solenoids user need to have 8 channels 12/24V controller
Lead time 4 weeks