Manually Tuned Odor-Delivery System

Pure odorants and complex mixture presentation


Manually tuned odor delivery system. Multiple parallel lines allow control and presentation of pure odorants and complex mixtures at different concentration (2 orders of magnitude range).


  • 4 odors per line.
  • Flows through odors set manually using rotameters (with flow rates between 1-100ml/min). 3 rotameters per line allow varying odor concentration in 2 odors of a magnitude.
  • Executable GUI for manual activation of up to a 6 odor vials in parallel.

Technical Parameters

  • Based on NResearch inline manifold 225T082;
  • 3 Aalborg rotameters allow flow tuning between 1-100 ml/min;
  • Odor presentation is controlled by Arduino Mega breakout board and Python based user interface;
  • Optionally: automatic cleaning
Lead time 4 weeks

Each single unit allows control of 4 odors. 3 rotameters allows vary concentration range in two orders of magnitude.