Automatized Odor-Delivery System

Precise and reliable odor presentation


This odor delivery system is based on the setup originally described and implemented in Shusterman 2011. It allows presentation of variable number odorants at different concentrations. The fast and temporally precise presentation allows performing sniff based closed-loop experiments. The main principle is based on air dilution via Mass Flow Controllers.


  • Modular extendable system up to 15 odors per individual flow line.
  • 8 Digital output and 2 Analog output channels for synchronization with behavioral board and different electrophysiological systems.
  • Arduino based software for activation and control.
  • Parallel connection allows simultaneous presentation of multiple odor stimuli.
  • Possibility to vary odor concentration in 1.5 orders of magnitude.

Technical parameters

  • Based on NResearch inline manifold 225T082;
  • Communication via I2C or SPI
  • Can be used as a standalone device or be slave to behavior control boards via I2C or SPI communication
  • Odor presentation is controlled by Arduino Mega breakout board and ODORMI web based interface or Python based user interface;
  • Possibility to connect multiple devices in parallel
  • Optionally: automatic cleaning

Lead time 4 weeks

Each extension cassette allows the addition of extra 4 odors to your olfactometer. Electrical circuit supports up to 8 cassettes, however we recommend to have no more than 3 cassettes per each line to avoid a significant pressure increse.